They saythe smallest gesturesare the onesthat count

Create your own Mint!

Let your friends find the surprise you hid...

Drop small attentions for your friends and family, by creating Mints alone or with other friends. Express yourselves by sending videos, photos, sounds and messages!

All around them

Drop Mints in strategic places to show your friends how well you know them. You can choose any place and change the surprise’s availability radius.

Find out how they reacted

The best part of surprising your friends, is to see the emotion they had. This is why when you find the surprise you can send your reaction and say what your thought about it.

The team

  • Marianne Vary

  • Célia Noël

  • Nathalie Marchal

  • Soufiane Lasri

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Un grand merci à

Véronique Ficara, Thierry Audoux, Maud Levavasseur, Bertil Gauthier, Zoé Leloutre, Diana Marchal, Whylem Genevieve, Timothé Chesnin, Léo Brossault, Alice Ung, Benoît Widemann ....