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Bring your photo together, without noticing it!

All your photo in one place without bothering you.
With Instant, you can save, store and collect automatically
your pictures from your phone, desktop and from all your
devices but also from your social network.

Get your photo back easily !

Instant parse / analyse each photo to help you find a photo
in your archives.
You are looking for a specific photo of your kitten ?
Just write « cat » or something else like a location or a date.
Forget manual sorting and type a tag, a place,
an object or even an emotion !

Share them instantly.

Now that you can get your photo easily, you can also
share them simply and quickly !
With Instant shared
albums function, send your best moments to your
friends or family through Facebook,
Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter or even by email.

All your moments.

Instant is a multi device application available
on desktop, tablet, mobile and the Web.
Thanks to our cloud service, you can access to your photo
at anytime from anywhere.

Bring life to your photos.

We team up with Cheerz!
So that you can print your instants in one click and enjoy
delightful moments in your hands

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Why Instant ?

Our desire is to help people store and collect all their pictures from their devices to make it more accessible and live a unique and emotional experience. The idea is to bypass the manual sorting because nobody wants to sort his photos. That’s why we imagined an automatic sorting system through a clever analysis of each picture.
Instant is a smart and fast search photo tool

Each photo comes with a context which contains data, metadata, a description by keywords with tags, a date, a place and even an emotional state. We put this analysis at the heart of our projet.

  • We wanted Instant to be a private space to store souvenirs you care about the most, which often haven't their place on social networks.
  • We put everything and provided all the efforts to make Instant the most easiest thing to use. Finding a picture should be a pleasure for you.
  • We think algorithms are not everything and you remain the only one to know which photos mean the most to you.


The dream team!
Composed by talented people
who love what they do.
With one mission, build the best product.



Don’t hesitate to email us or connect on Twitter and Facebook ! We don’t bite ;)



Or email us at hello@instant-app.com

Véronique Ficara, Catherine Nyeki, Stéphane Pestourie, Adrien Havet, Nicolas Baberien, Antoine Visionneau, Jonathan Blanchet, Benoît Widemann, Matthieu Decarli, Tony Housiaux, Muriel Mehong, Geoffrey Dorne,
Patricia Bednarski, Isabelle Dauvergne and Thierry Audoux.

a special thanks to
Julien Taillez, Alexis Oney, Mafe Ariza, Eira Ennis, Marjorie Rouffet
and Cheerz.

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