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About Dreamy

What is Dreamy?

It is a video game for hospitalized children. Its purpose is to make the child want to go out of his room and discover the reenchanted halls.

A two-times experience

During the day, the children can go through halls and play games

The night, they discover their room as a lair.

The Totems

The totem is a magic object used by the heroes to express their power.

You should get ready to deal with the black threat.

Story of Dreamy

The Black Threat

She collapse on the world sucking up
all light source

Chicken Wings

He fly through the air faster
than a lighting

El Gringos

He owe his amazing strength to
the magic burrito


She rules the sea world
and can manipulate water

Mister Bulbe

He can leap mountains only
with his mind




Making Of


  • Alexandre Toudic


  • Julien Suard

    Graphic Designer

  • Clément Chenebault


  • Thomas De Cicco

    Graphic Designer


Thierry Audoux, Nicolas Barberian, Franck Barbian, Thomas Baugnon, Wilfried Blanc, Nicolas Bougard, Isabelle Dauvergne, Geoffrey Dorne, the pupils who answered our questions, Nicolas Esposito, Estimote Inc., students of "Conservatoire d'Alfortville", the Lutin-Gobelins ergodesign lab, Véronique Ficara, Olivia Friedrich, the Godards, the Hallés, Tony Houziaux, ITO Infotronique, Élodie Jacquelet, the Jauberts, Nadège and Julien Labadie, Arnaud Lacaze Masmonteil, Béatrice Lartigue, Julie Lemagny, Olivier Marquezy, Étienne Mineur, Nanotips, Necker hospital nurses, Catherine Nyeki, Stéphane Pestourie, Patrick Poivey, Matthias Portal, Yves Portelli, Laure Poulain, control room crew, Clément Rucheton, Dr Souris, Antoine and Oscar Visionneau, Benoît Widemann, Wouap Doo Apps planners, Marie-France and Jules Zumofen, 3DandCo, the CRMA 2014, and our families.